MicroChat anywhere.

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What is Splum?

Splum is a micro-social-networking app that uses Apple’s iBeacons® (BLE) to discover potential matches nearby. It runs in the background and notifies you as soon as a match is in the same room.

My match is found, then what?

Splum will let you send a chat request and instantly chat with your match while both receive each other's micro-location.

Cool. How do I sign up for this service?

No need to sign up or login. Splum protects your privacy as it is fully peer to peer and completely off the grid.

Awesome! Where can I get it?

Splum is free on the Apple App Store. Make sure you have an iPhone 4S or later and iOS7 installed.

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  • “ Splum gives me just the privacy I want. ” Asian female, late thirties
  • “ Wow. I met my other half using Splum! ” Your other half!
  • “ This app helps me socialize while I commute. ” Someone to kill your time